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Help with depression

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Im looking for help to deal with depression. We dont have the money/insurance for doctors visits or medication, but we're pretty sure I have depression. I am in the bible belt in Texas, so finding support groups outside the church is difficult, and I can't stomach being around them. I've tried a few, and they're all run by the happy-go-lucky people who want to insert god and prayer into every sentence. Money is tight, so online support groups would be best. I live an hour south of Dallas, so I can probably make it up there if someone knows of something in the area.  Also, resources for my husband as a supporter would be appreciated. He's been wonderful, but I dont think he fully understands what Im going through so it's been hard on him as he tries to find ways to help me.

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In addition to the professor's suggestions above, if you haven't already done so, be sure to get a complete physical. You want to be sure the biological stuff is working OK as a misfire there can contribute to the situation.

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