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Was at a small grocery store yesterday and trying to get my cart around a couple who were in an intense discussion with a store worker in the middle of the aisle. They were quite oblivious to my presence and as I got within earshot ..........


"God is sending a message with the virus!" came out of the mans mouth. 


I was wondering when the crazies would start going public with this sort of thing. It is kind of funny ......... an allegedly omnipotent being who must be living in Hubei province is using the scourge of a virus to send a message to the world. Sounds kind of James Bondish to me. It's in the same category of fallacious assertions that pertain to weather and geological phenomena. Like they only started happening when modern humans appeared. Still, I wonder what kind of message their god is sending when a hurricane hits an unpopulated area. Is there such a thing as sinful trees and rabbits?

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1 hour ago, Sybaris said:

Is there such a thing as sinful rabbits?

Having raised rabbits for many years, I can assure you, yes, there is.

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I'd say that if this is the only way he can figure out how to communicate with his people, then he's a dumbass.

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Medieval thinking. What doth this omen bode? 

His god is a sock puppet that says what he wants it to say. 


Just like the old defenses against the devil, such as burying a tangled bunch of branches near your house entrance so the devil will trip when he comes to visit. Or a nail with red ribbon tied around it as a reminder of the crucifixion, to ward off nasties. Since the scriptures have things like genetic manipulation by having animals breed in front of branches with stripped bark, this all makes perfect sense...


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