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llama antibodies for Covid 19

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So far the only antibodies used against Covid 19 are human antibodies extracted from the blood serum of people who have already recovered from the disease. But they are working on using animal antibodies also. For Covid 19, promising animal antibodies tested have been from llamas. Llamas are injected with a protein from Covid 19, called a spike protein. In time the Llama builds up antibodies against the virus that can be extracted from their blood serum, and which test as being very promising in fighting the virus in a petry dish. Such a process in time could be used as a possible vaccine in humans, but for now animals might provide a good source for antibodies to treat people already infected.


Most flu shots are developed from Chicken embryos, where the virus is grown. then extracted and treated (subdivided or killed) so that it cannot multiply. The vaccinated person then builds their own antibodies against the flu virus. Methods using recombinant DNA/ RNA to develop artificial flu virus parts that cannot infect are used for vaccinations. It is a good and efficient process and method that is expected to become the standard for flu vaccine production, but as for now it's relatively expensive and they don't presently have the capacity needed for large scale world-wide production by this method.


As for Covid 19, they will also be working on the recombinant RNA process to develop one of the many vaccines being considered around the world to fight this infection. In time one vaccine will be tested against another to find the best, but for now antibodies from human blood serum extractions are the only antibodies approved for treating already infected people.


But they have researched and tested animal antibodies also, and will be testing many more concerning the Covid 19 virus.  For now llama antibodies seem to be promising.







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