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Jacob grappled by the Jabbok in the night
Filled with doubts and howling whys and interrogation lies
No submission to the angels in his head
Do you also lie awake and ask God why
Why are floods and droughts reversed and why does coffee taste so good
Why there are no answers in the back of that black book
Do you live between the question and the mark
Do your eyes see in the dark, does your face resent the mask
‘Cos there’s no time between the future and the past
Do you see the puzzle pieces do not fit
Do you pull your stomach in, grin and bear the heels that pinch
Knowing God is love and made a place called hell
Do you hug that angel fiercely through the night
Dislocate your devious mind, calling this a limp of faith
Do you surrender but keep wrestling for your life
Do you?
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