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Foundation of belief in imagination

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I was thinking that, if someone bases their beliefs and life on imagination, be that their own or someone else's , then the sky is the limit. You can hold with absolute certainty any kind of belief and association of belief. The glorification of God is seeing little kids get raped, or it is to save people, or Muhammad got his prophecies from an angel, or..etc. I am not here saying these religions are JUST imagination, this is not the point ot the thread, but pondering, after seeing some comments on a deconversion video from some christians how they flat out assert things which seem absurd, incoherent and not corresponding to reality, and start from that. Afterwards, yes, they do use logic, reasoning, offer some kind of proof, etc, but they start from assumptions.

       And if you start out like that, it seems to me it does realy matter any more. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, they usually do not say the Bible says this, it is mostly the Holy Fathers - aka a list of esteemed church theologians. But they start from that unchecked assumption so much so that I one time a very respected priest quoted some church father so out of context that he said the exact opposite of the original text which I fortunately knew.  It just does not seem a solid foundation - random incredible incoherent stuff you hear from some excited individual.

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