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A discussion on the use of offensive/derogatory terminology

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1 hour ago, LogicalFallacy said:

So back to my main point, I think we should be mindful of words that we use, and if say my ideas got widely accepted in society this will create a corresponding social pressure to not use unneeded derogatory language.


You mean like this?



I think I should be mindful of what comes out of my mouth, but I don't think I have the right make that value judgement for others. The whole concept of "we should not do this and not say that" smacks of Fundamentalist self-righteousness. Bleah. 


Insults are part of being human. If all it takes to destroy people is a few words, what a sadly weak society. The answer is not in controliing everone's language, it's helping hyper-sensitive people become more resiliant. 


Does this idea hurt your feelings? Ah. Poor baby...








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