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The Problems Christianity


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1-Preachers constantly begging for money,Why don't they turn to prayer

2-The bloody history of the church who murdered without shame and remorse for centuries

3-The inability of the faithful to be in agreement on points of Biblical doctrine

4-The Bible in general 

5-The church has had to retreat on so many points of Biblical law under the onslaught of free-thinkers and nonconformist's suggest that as a body even they don't believe in it.

6-Millionaire Christians are an abomination

7- Despite centuries of power and God on their side, Christians are no closer to proving their faith is true

8- The silence of the Biblical record in history

9-Constant failure of "the end is now"

10-Not a single original Bible can be found, just copies of copies of copies.


Anymore to add.......  

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