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Atheist Experience 24.29 2020-07-19 with Matt Dillahunty & Scott Clifton


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The Atheist Experience is hosted today by Matt Dillahunty and Scott Clifton! Scott is an actor who’s well-known for his award-winning soap opera roles in shows such as “The Bold and the Beautiful”, but he’s also a secular activist! (Check him out at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheoreticalBullshit, or on Twitter @TheoreticalBullshit.) After sharing some sweet stories of Scott sending Matt’s grandmother Christmas headshots, we jump into calls!

Josh in Tennessee was asked by his atheist wife to call in. Judging by his “evidence” for god, it seems as though he maybe hasn’t questioned his belief, but he’s friendly and open to conversation. This is awesome! (Be like Josh.)

Russell in Georgia calls in to talk about how alien encounters are consistent with the Bible, then offers an analogy between himself as a parent using “tough love” to what God does to us as “his children.” He ends up saying morality is fickle because our perception as humans changes overtime, It’s yet another misunderstanding the difference between actual facts changing and our human understanding of facts changing. Then...then aliens. Aliens and Jesus.

Kendall in Seattle wants to ask Scott if he’d become a Christian if Christianity were “proven true.” The answer might not be what some would expect.

Mo in Canada called in about advantages to prayer, but instead asks the hosts about people leaving religion due to bullying, which, as far as we can tell, is a pretty small group. Then we get to the prayer bit, and eventually get to Islamophobia and the concept of drawing Mohammad.

Lance in Ohio insults the previous caller, starts to ask how atheism is a net positive to society, but decides to stop and get annoyed with a host for sighing at this question we’ve heard a million times. He doesn’t seem interested in a real discussion, but that’s on him. If you’re reading this, consider being less of an asshole.

That’s our show this week! Remember, being careless during a pandemic infects babies with viruses, so USE YOUR BRAIN! Thanks, we’ll see ya next week!

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