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Joyce Meyer: gives you 200 different rules to follow. Scared you, intimidates you. It works because according to her God told her to start a church to talk shit. it worked on me. I followed her stupid advice and ruined my life. Put up with abuse as I got a 'word from god' from Joyce Meyer not to run away. Went through more abuse from different people as a result of taking that crazy's advice.


Also Joyce Meyer: God doesn't want you to follow the 200 rules I told you about last week.


Crazy woman. Ruined my life and ate my money.

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Welcome, @Veena.


Without listing the 200 rules would you be interested in picking out a few to show us what kind of abuse you were exposed to?


Also, was this a kind of Christian cult or self-help or ??



    - MOHO (Mind Of His Own)

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Joyce Meyer is a Charismaniac who sells lots of books and makes LOTS of money. Think Jim Bakker and his kind. 


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