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Atheist Experience 24.18 2020-05-03 with Matt Dillahunty & Dave Warnock


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Welcome back to The Atheist Experience! Today’s show is hosted by Matt Dillahunty with guest Dave Warnock. Dave is an ex-pastor turned atheist who was recently diagnosed with ALS, a terminal illness. He now travels the world talking to interested groups about dying as an atheist, embracing life’s “moments,” all wrapped up in one statement: Dying Out Loud. (https://www.daveoutloud.com/) Dave also advocates death with dignity, which allows those with conditions like his to choose when they’re ready to go, when they have had enough pain.

Javier wants to know what Dave and Matt think about the concept that religious leaders often are the catalysts of religious followers losing their faith.

Marcus claims to have a syllogism that proves theists and atheists are just as rational as one another. He then explains that a bad argument isn’t necessarily one that leads to a wrong answer, as if we didn’t already know and say that on this show...constantly.

David calls in to ask Dave a specialised question: What should I do to prepare my religious family for my death? Dave gives a recommendation toward the Final Exit Network (https://finalexitnetwork.org/).

Amanda was adopted, and her biological older brother recently found her. Since then, that part of her family has been seemingly trying to convert and question her, and she’s wondering how to have these conversations without “scaring them off.”

Will in Florida calls to ask if it makes sense to be a theist who believes in evolution...then asks if he should believe in god. What answer was he expecting?

Richard starts off by asking what counts as “you?” He then stretches this out to mean that somehow one human is humanity.

That’s our show today! If you want to support the show you can check out https://www.patreon.com/theatheistexperience for a monthly subscription to podcasts with NO ADS and other fun goodies, or https://tiny.cc/aenmerch for merch from all of the ACA’s shows! Matt is on Twitter @Matt_Dillahunty, and Dave is there @dwwarnock. Thanks for watching/listening!

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