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Atheist Experience 24.15 2020-04-12 with Matt Dillahunty, Nick Fish, & Debbie Goddard


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by two very distinguished guests and friends of the ACA, Nick Fish and Debbie Goddard of American Atheists. They definitely have some experience being atheists and we are happy to have them join us today! Also, happy zombie day to all, keep your brain safe by staying inside and away from everyone.
Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Guardy from Canada. He believes that some people need God because they also need defined rules given to them. And he’s an atheist? This is interesting and may potentially melt your mind. Good for zombie day I guess?
And we are done, we have our Sundays back folks. Dewitt has historical proof of Jesus. Though, his name was Yeshua, and oh he probably didn’t exist... nevermind. hmmm… how historic is this claim because I have serious doubts? I’ve noticed lately that we get this kind of call quite a bit. But because we get this sort of argument frequently doesn’t make it true.
Even though we are done here and have our Sundays back, Amene has called in saying God through the Holy Spirit has encouraged him to call us. Yeah, no.
Murray is conflicted because they are fearful about how to get through the current situation we are all in without God. Having religion there is definitely a source of comfort, and without it can be troubling. It’s not easy to let go and it is very legitimate to feel this way. “Draw strength from the relationships and community you have.” - Debbie Goddard
Next up, Marquel in Georgia is calling again (he called during Talk Heathen when Andrew was on: Clip! https://youtu.be/g1dftovY7CY ) talking about how he is the ONLY person who has experienced pre-existence, spoke life into existence before time began, and had a race with god. Yeah, sure you are. He claims to have met god during this pre-existence. Yeah, um… ok.
Afterwards we have Amin from New Jersey. He thinks the things that protect us from the COVID-19 outbreak may usher in the beast in his mind. He continues to give a laundry list of events and he’s lost me in the conspiracy. Wow this one… are we having fun yet?
Greg in Florida ends the show with the eternal question about why we are here. He claims we are here to Worship! He also claims that King James did a great job writing the King James Bible. (facepalm.) The bible makes no sense when explaining why we are here, it’s a horrible miss-mash of stories that really have no bearing on why we are here. What is our intended purpose of being here?
And that’s all folks. Have a wonderful zombie day! Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Healthy. Wash your damned hands and wear a mask if you go out for quarantine supplies!

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