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Atheist Experience 24.14 2020-04-05 with Matt Dillahunty & Dragnauct


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Welcome back to The Atheist Experience! Today’s show is hosted by Matt Dillahunty and friend of the show Dragnauct Sylvas. We start the show with discussion about the coronavirus and its effects on daily life, from isolation depression to grocery store gross-outs. Then, we get to caller numero uno!

Dragnauct picks an interesting topic from Gavin, who says he wants to check in on his own rationale. Gavin says he believes in a soul, or at least something like it, based on some experiences he’s had in life, but he’s pretty sure something about that rationale is faulty. Is he right?

Brian in Washington, DC calls in to convert Matt by asking, “What’s wrong with being a saint?” and using a version of Pascal’s Wager. When Matt and Dragnauct bring up the fact of Catholic cover-ups of child molestation, Brian starts to get a little squirrely.

We have a few frequent callers, and one is coming back: Kamal in Alabama was brought into a Facebook intervention by his family, who tried to bring him back to Jesus. We’ve all had this experience, unfortunately, and it’s nice to relate to each other sometimes. We love you, Kamal.

Carlos is another newly frequent caller, and his argument today is...well, it’s a little confusing. He says that God as described in the Bible gives life so he can determine how long it is for you. Then there’s an analogy from Batman. Essentially, Carlos thinks we shouldn’t see God’s action as distasteful if we read the Bible as fiction, because you’re not allowed to think fictional characters are bad guys, I guess?

Can somebody say Clergy Project? https://clergyproject.org/ Well, not quite, but our caller is in that sort of predicament. Cade went to a Christian high school where he lost his faith, but he’s stuck in the church. No one knows about his non-belief, and he’s not sure what to do. Matt ends up turning this caller into a co-host for a moment!

Laura in Michigan has personal access to God, and Matt attempts to use this access to have Laura ask God what she should say to convert Matt. Turns out, you just have to study the Bible and be open to love! We should have known.

Our last call is an important one. Justin has a wife, and the two are currently awaiting a child’s birth. His wife has started to express concern about her child “being told there is no God,” or something along those lines. Dragnauct takes over most of this call, as his wife is also a believer, so he has some experience here. The key: communication between spouses, education for the child!

That’s our show today! If you want to support the show you can check out https://www.patreon.com/theatheistexperience for a monthly subscription to podcasts with NO ADS and other fun goodies, or https://tiny.cc/aenmerch for merch from all of the ACA’s shows! Hosts can be found on Twitter @Matt_Dillahunty and @Dragnauct. Thanks for watching/listening!

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