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Atheist Experience 24.02 2020-01-12 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


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ATHEIST EXPERIENCE 24.02 for 2020-01-12 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


00:15:25 Joe - NY - Would like to talk about how bad behavior is caused by atheism.
00:24:02 Matt - MI - No true believer would knowingly lie to create Bible stories.
00:47:40 Ralph - FL - What is our criteria for evidence of claims for the existence of God.
01:01:51 Ryan - FL - We can come to God through skepticism
01:30:48 Ken - PA - Incredibly freeing to become an atheist, is becoming despondent


In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Don Baker. Great to see you Don! We start the show with Don’s list of Failures. Today's topic is “God’s Anointed Leaders.” Ooooh, fun.

Let’s get to calls. The first caller is Joe from New York. He would like to talk about how bad behavior is caused by atheism and lists off a couple bad actors/leaders from humanity’s past. People doing bad things who happen to also be atheists does not mean all atheists are bad. Matt moves in to dismantle his arguments quickly.

Next up, Matt from Michigan would like to talk about how extraordinary resurrection claims could have happened and continued to talk about how religious people did not knowingly lie to tell a story. Tune in and watch Matt walk through his claim and show how it is untestable and logically unacceptable.

The following caller named Ralph from Florida would like to discuss the criteria for evidence of claims for the existence of God. Also is it absurd to believe the Universe is God? Ummm, yes it is and this is broaching the topic of some sort of designer in creator of the Universe. Watch Matt and Don dispute these claims.

The next caller in the queue is Ryan from Florida wanting to discuss how we can come to God through skepticism. Claims to have been an atheist until 3 years ago. Turned to a church because of their willingness to say “I don’t know” and became a believer again. Listen in to hear Matt unpack this.

Our last caller of the day, Ken in Pennsylvania would like to talk about how freeing it is to become an atheist, and has started to lose the drive and ambition to continue his activism. How do we continue doing what we do? Knowing we make an impact on their journey, we are convinced that not doing it will lead to a worse life. Plus be satisfied with planting seeds of doubt in others and not seeing it fruit. People can change their minds and these seeds can potentially help.

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