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Atheist Experience 23.47 2019-11-10 with Matt Dillahunty & Lloyd Evans


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00:16:35 Jim - CA - How to shield his child from JW propaganda
00:24:09 Alexander - Germany - Knowingly deceiving self into believing due to fear of death
00:37:44 Tyler - MO - Shunned by JW community for 3 years, should he fade or disassociate.
00:45:47 John - GA - Believes atheists all have faith and why we have a negative view on it.
01:05:20 Kenny - OK - Why must Christians provide extraordinary evidence for their god
01:17:00 Steve - WA - Concerned with believing science can explain everything.
01:23:49 Kevin - AK - Why is the Damascus road experience good enough for Saul but not us?
01:37:50 Anonymous - TX - God definitely definitely definitely exists and has the proof.
01:39:19 Rob - Quebec - Noah existed and so did the ark, it’s in Turkey

Welcome to The Atheist Experience! In today’s episode, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Lloyd Evans. (Matt’s back, we missed you!) Lloyd runs a YouTube channel (John Cedars), wrote an amazing book (The Reluctant Apostate), and a website for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses (www.jwsurvey.org) providing resources to those JWs who are seeking help getting out.

After a couple announcements and some chat about yesterday’s talk in Arizona, they begin taking calls. The first caller is Jim from California. He would like to talk about how best to approach and shield his child from JW propaganda. Lloyd explains how to best go about handling this, tune in to see his response.

The next caller, Alexander from Germany would like to discuss how he is afraid of death, and is deceiving himself into believing so he may enjoy an afterlife.
The following caller named Tyler from Missouri is an ex-JW and wants to talk about whether to fade (aka slip off the radar) or disassociate (aka be excommunicated). Lloyd has a couple recommendations and resources for him.

The next caller in the queue is John from Georgia wanting to discuss why atheists have negative views on religious faith and genuinely believes that all atheists have faith. Et Tu quoque?

Next up, Kenny in Oklahoma is wondering about extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence. The fact that religion is common and people believe in a god isn’t extraordinary, it’s the claim there IS a god, that is extraordinary and requires evidence. Matt is back!

Afterward, Steve from Washington talks about how he is concerned about using science to explain things and is it credible enough. Uh oh, he doesn’t believe in outer space, whoa we might have a flat-earther. Goodbye, you’re done.

Subsequently, Kevin in Alaska would like to discuss why atheists don’t believe in god revealing himself to Saul. Matt explains how if god was wise and real, he would reveal himself to everyone. Kevin responds by saying he saw god in his cereal.

One of our super quick calls, Anonymous in Texas definitely has evidence for god. It’s the 10 commandments… Lloyd’s first hangup! Congrats Lloyd! You’re a pro now!

Finally, Rob from Quebec has proof that Noah and his ark existed and they used steel cables to construct it. It’s in Turkey. (Sure it is.)

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