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Atheist Experience 23.46 2019-11-03 with Jenna Belk & ObjectivelyDan


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The Atheist Experience 23.45 for 2019-10-27 with Jenna Belk & ObjectivelyDan

00:03:45 Kenny - OK - Doesn’t believe that it is an extraordinary claim that a god exists.
00:32:08 Chris - TN - Is there something greater than us that created the Universe?
00:50:45 John - TN - Losing religion was like losing a horrible part-time job.
01:04:55 Jarrod - FL - Possibility of a creator based on science.
01:09:42 Dean - NC - Accepting the Big Bang model as beginning of the known universe.

Welcome to Truth Wanted, the show were we explore and debunk myths and try to get to the truth! In today’s episode, ObjectivelyDan talks about... No, wait. It’s Sunday, not Friday. Did the crew mix it up? VERN OR MARK, HELP, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE! Jenna to the rescue, it IS the Atheist Experience with Jenna Belk and ObjectivelyDan!

Let’s jump right into calls! The first caller is Kenny from Oklahoma. He would like to talk about how Christianity or a monotheistic god shouldn’t require extraordinary evidence. Tune in to see Jenna and Dan work through this ad-hoc rationalization.

After some discussion, we take the next caller, Chris from Tennessee. He would like to discuss the idea of intelligent design. Listen in and find out how Jenna and ObjectivelyDan offer a different perspective on this.

The following caller named John also from Tennessee wants to talk about how losing one’s religion is like losing a horrible part-time job. Listen in to hear ObjectivelyDan help him through this conundrum.

The next caller in the queue is Jarrod from Florida who believes we could be code within a quantum computer or mainframe. Why would he believe this? He may be a solipsist… this is an interesting call, tune in to find out what happens.

Our last caller of the day, Dean in North Carolina is asking about using the Big Bang model as a way to explain the beginning of the known universe and if it relates to a god. Tune in and find out how ObjectivelyDan and Jenna expand and unpack this question.

Be sure to check out Truth Wanted with ObjectivelyDan Fridays at 7:00pm central time

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/truthwanted

Audio Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/show/truthwanted

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