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Atheist Experience 23.45 2019-10-27 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


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The Atheist Experience 23.45 for 2019-10-27 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


00:09:00 Jerry - MN - Questioning the end of life of a religious relative
00:19:00 Christian - Denmark - Is it immoral to have children if you believe they’ll end up in Hell?
00:36:00 Nick - OK - How to encourage a thriving atheist community in your area
00:52:00 John - GA - Could the universe really have happened by random chance?
01:07:00 Maurice - TX - Is death really and truly the end?
01:20:27 Jamie - AR - Troubled with honoring her atheist daughter’s last wishes.
01:37:22 Mike - AZ - Why did you choose Atheism over Agnosticism
01:40:12 Gman - NJ - Has proof that god exists, and no he doesn’t really.

In this episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by the most fabulous Don Baker! We begin this episode with Don’s failures. This week’s topic is: Soul scams used by religions. For those following along, this is topic #68.

Afterwards, they begin taking calls. The first caller is Jerry from Minnesota. He would like to talk about how to approach a religious relative’s end of life beliefs. As someone close to death, she may be embracing religion out of fear, perhaps a gentle touch is a good idea.

The next caller, Christian from Denmark would like to discuss the idea that it is immoral to have children and believe they might end up in Hell. Listen in and find out how Matt and Don approach this idea!

The following caller named Nick from Oklahoma wants to talk about his atheist group and best practices to encouraging and revitalizing a thriving atheist community.
The next caller in the queue is John from Georgia wanting to discuss if the universe really could have happened by random chance and probability. Tune in to hear Matt’s explanation and debunking yet another ad-hoc rationalization.

Next up, Maurice in Texas is asking about using circumstantial evidence to prove the existence of the afterlife and therefore God. Tune in and find out if the evidence provided is good enough for Matt and Don!

Afterward, Jamie from Arkansas talks about how to truly honor her daughter’s wishes in death, Jamie is a Christian and her dying daughter is an atheist. This is something worth listening to as well as visiting Grief beyond Belief: http://griefbeyondbelief.org/

Subsequently, Mike in Arizona discusses why we chose atheism over agnosticism. Guess what Mike, they are not mutually exclusive nor are they absolute as you claim. One is about belief and the other is about knowledge. That was a short call.

Finally, Gman from Arizona has proof a god exists. Go ahead and prove it and don’t use circular arguments or rationalizations. We're still waiting… annnnddd.. you’re done!

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