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Atheist Experience 23.43 2019-10-13 with Eric Murphy & Christy Powell


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13 OCTOBER 2019 / 4:30-6:00 PM /
HOSTS: Eric Murphy, Christy Powell

0:00 Announcements & Updates.
0:04 Richard from Malaysia,
0:19 Joel from Alabama,
0:24 John from NY,
0:54 James from LA,
1:14 Ian from UK,
1:22 Marcus from Germany,
1:33 Lucas from South Dakota,
1:44 Alex from Hawaii,

In this episode of the Atheist Experience and continuing the day of Eric Murphy, we have as hosts Eric Murphy and Christy Powell. Christy is a host from Secular Sexuality and we are stoked to have him co-host AXP today. Should be a great show!
After a few announcements, the first caller of the day is Richard from Malaysia. He claims that everyone experiences god and this god can be proven to exist. We now wait for Richard to prove it… We are still waiting Richard. Can Eric and Christy finally get him to prove it?

The next caller, Joel calls in pondering about the soul/awareness and recurrent reincarnation. He claims the soul/awareness can be passed on and incorrectly asserts that evolved instincts are proof of this reincarnation. You know, badgering the hosts isn’t always a good tactic. Eric’s first hangup as host! Congrats!

The call following is John from NY. He wants to talk about uniformity in nature, the laws of logic, and using the Christian worldview as a way to determine morality, logic, and intelligence. Will Eric and Christy find the right approach in dealing with this pre-sup?
After some followup conversation because pre-sups can make your mind melt with their word salad, the next caller is James, a Catholic who wants to further the conversation about the laws of logic and how they can prove a god exists. He continues to talk about the miracle of Fátima and how this also proves god. Watch Eric and Christy debunk these assertions!

Next up we have Ian from the UK, he humorously tries show the insanity of deathbed conversions. He posits that by using Pascal’s Wager and beating someone with grandma’s bible, the atheist on their deathbed will go to heaven due to being a martyr. Is this a joke? How does Eric respond?
Afterward, Marcus from Germany calls in to talk about proving god through the Kalam cosmological argument. Can Eric and Christy unpack this to reach the truth? Tune in to find out!

Next in the queue we have Lucas from South Dakota. He’s calling about how a cult he left is threatening him for standing up to them. It sounds like he needs some support and resources outside of the show. The hotline project through Recovering from Religion (https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org) is there for him. Calling 184-I-DOUBT-IT, Freedom from Religion https://ffrf.org, and the legal team at American Atheists https://www.atheists.org/legal/ can also help.

Our last caller of the day is Alex from Hawaii wants to know our thoughts on religion in public school, forcing religious based education on children, and the legality of that. As always, if you need to, please do reach out to Freedom from Religion, American Atheists, and Recovering from Religion for help if you need them!

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