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Atheist Experience 23.39 2019-09-15 with Matt Dillahunty & Gayle Jordan


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In this episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty has a special guest, Gayle Jordan, on the show. Gayle is an Executive Director on the Recovering From Religion. In addition, she ran two-times as a Democratic candidate for a State Senate seat in a very red part of Tennessee but did not win. Not to mention, she won the American Atheist's Atheist of the Year Award this year! At the beginning of the show, Gayle discusses what she does at Recovering From Religion and building communities for nonreligious people.

Afterwards, they begin taking calls. The first caller is John from Connecticut. He discusses the difficulty of leaving religion because he still believes in God at the back of his mind and asks Matt to help him out with that. Can Matt help him?
The next caller, Aaron from Pennsylvania discusses his difficulties with the AA and its method. Is there another method to deal with alcoholism without turning to a higher power? Listen in and find out!

The following caller named AC from Illinois claims to have a simple proof that shows that atheism is not possible by logic. Carl Sagan once said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Let's see if AC meets this requirement.

Following a lengthy conversation, the next caller Ron from San Antonio, Texas discusses how the human body complexity is evidence for God. The classic Watchmaker Argument brought up again but debunked by Matt Dillahunty.

Next on the list, Dale in Ohio steps up to the plate to discuss his "discovery" of the Garden of Eden? Is this discovery worthy of a Nobel Prize? Tune in and find out!
Afterward, Mojo from the UK talks about how Intelligent Design is a scientific theory. Or is it? This is something worth listening to.

Subsequently, Oliver in Washington discusses the difference between belief and knowledge. Do you know something or merely suspect something? Word choice is very important.
Finally, Guillermo from California discusses if Atheists can use phrases such as OMG or Holy Cow. This is probably the shortest call you will ever see at the Atheist Experience.

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