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Atheist Experience 23.38 2019-09-08 with Matt Dillahunty & Don Baker


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In this episode of the Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty and Don Barker, Don first discusses the Do No Harm Act. The Do No Harm Act clarifies that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is intended to protect religious freedom without allowing the infliction of harm on other people. However, how far should religious freedom go?
Afterwards, Matt and Don begin taking calls. The first caller is Michael from Maryland. Michael discusses how churches have the wrong description of Lucifer (the devil), and that he knows what the correct description is. Is Lucifer really Satan or is he actually Tom Ellis? Will the real Lucifer please stand up?
The next caller is Karen from California. She discusses if sight and feelings are the necessary and sufficient criterion for believing in something or if there are other things necessary. In addition, Matt and Karen get into a heated debate about what it means to be a professional. A clip definitely worth listening to!
The following caller is Justin from New Jersey. He claims that he knows the truth about how the universe works through observing purposes and designs. Is his argument worthy of a Nobel Prize? Listen in and find out!
The next caller, Tasha from Nevada, claims that Jehovah's Witnesses have the correct doctrine of the Bible due to revelations by them. Maybe all that door-to-door business is not in vain. Or is it?
Despite appearing exhausted at this point, Matt and Don continue the calls with Ellen from Michigan. Matt jokes at the start of call by talking about a commenter who said that the microphones were in the wrong place, because they wanted to see the hands of the hosts when they talk. Truthfully, they wanted the microphones moved down so they could see the cleavage from the female hosts. Afterwards, Ellen discusses with Matt how to plan a funeral with religious family members.
Following the previous difficult conversation, a new caller, Doug from Ohio, discusses how people make ridiculous claims made about natural disasters being the result of unrelated things such as slavery.
Another caller from Ohio, Mike brings up the Do No Harm Act that Don discussed earlier and how important it should be to protect individuals who are victims of religious exemptions such as children who are denied blood transfusions and those who are sent to conversion therapies. Afterwards, Mike discusses how Secular Charities are better than Religious Charities. One of the reasons is because religious charities don't have to reveal how much their income is whereas all other nonprofit charities have to. Scary right?
Finally, the we wrap up the calls with Michelle from California. She discusses the difficulties that she went through during her deconversion process such as anxiety, PTSD, and even an attempted suicide attempt. Afterwards, she asks Matt how to deal with leaving religion.

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