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Atheist Experience 24.37 2020-09-13 with Matt Dillahunty & Jim Barrows

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Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! The hosts of today’s Atheist Experience are Matt Dillahunty and Jim Barrows, welcome back Jim!

Our first caller, Isaac in OH thinks differences in DMT experience is evidence that one could be transported to another dimension. The hosts talk hypotheticals and testing methodologies with safeguards using DMT. We would need evidence to be on board here.

Alexander in Norway defines spirituality as wise thoughts that deepen the understanding of existence. Wouldn’t that then make philosophy spiritual? This is just giving spirituality a new definition but we need to find common ground on nebulous concepts.

Patrick in WA has simple scientific evidence from the bible that modern science has confirmed, for example mountains and valleys in the ocean. That sounds like something one could discover skin diving or diving for food.

Jose in GA gives evidence of people experiencing the holy spirit. How can we tell if someone has actually had an experience with a real holy spirit? We don’t assume people are lying about their experiences, we don't just assume a supernatural explanation.

Kendall in OR asks what evidence would change the mind of a lifelong believer versus a non believer. A god would know what would change our minds but seemingly chooses not to. Our minds aren’t closed, we just haven’t been presented with sufficient evidence.

Kay in NH thinks freedom should be the foundation of morality, not well being. The reason you care about freedom is it is conducive to well-being. Matt pointed out the flaw in using freedom as a basis for morality.

Danny in London says if there is a cause of the universe, it rules out every god but an Abrahamic god. There is a beginning to our universe but there is no evidence of a creator. Danny fails to provide evidence for this claim.

Mark in IL finds Matt’s hard atheism surprising and believes in a god via skepticism. Matt doesn’t believe in a god but also believes that man has made up god stories. Suspicions of the way things are is not a skeptical approach, the trees aren’t proof of creation.

Last caller, George in TX, finds Romans to be evidence of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The verse is the claim, not evidence, of a resurrection. Quoting the bible doesn’t provide any evidence.

Thanks for tuning in, we are so glad you joined us today. Stay safe and continue wearing masks out there.

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