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Bahumuth, Richard Dawkins and Glenn Andrews of "Right Reason"


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What's up fellow preachers and defenders of the faith? how y'all doin? Back in 2018-2019 I found a website run by one Bahumuth: 

https://losthistory.com/ I think it's a pretty good website one of my favorites even however there are many problems with it for example there are obviously alot more "Dying and Rising Gods" than the ones that are mentioned on Bahumuth's website and there are far more parallels between Jesus and the other gods that are listed on his/her site also read this: 


"An inscription on a Seleucid Temple in Iran dated to the 200s B.C. reads “Anahita, as the Immaculate Virgin Mother of the Lord Mithra.” While there is only one primary source for the “virgin birth” claim, and it has been shown to be very difficult to locate, the quote about Mithras being born of the virgin was published in 1983 by Mary Boyce, a British scholar on Iranian languages and Zoroastrianism who is so respected, the Royal Asiatic Society award for outstanding contributions to the study of religion is called the “Boyce Prize.” 






Obviously there are alot more sources for this claim of Mithras Virgin Birth:





"The Persian Counterpart of the Virginal-Wanton-motherly- warrior goddess Anahita" 


Dr Raphael Patai The Hebrew Goddess  (137)




"The basic belief in a virgin born saviour of the world must have become widely known throughout the near east in the achamenid period I.e. from the 6th century BC onward when almost all the mediteranian lands were under persian rule and it appears to have exerted some influence on Judeo-Christian thought"   


Astvat Ereta: The Avestan name for the Soasyant The Future Saviour of Zoroastrianism 




"According to some sources Mithras partner and Virgin mother is the angel goddess Anahita"


Dr Payam Nabarz the Mysteries of Mithras The Pagan belief That Shaped The Christian World




"in Mithraism as in popular Mazdaism Anahid the mother of Mithra is a virgin"


Mohammad Ali Amir Moezzi (78)




“In as much as this person Mehr (Mithra) was born of a virgin named Nahid Anahita (Immaculate) and in as much as the worship of Mithra and Anahita the virgin mother of Mithra was well known in the Achaemenian Period it is not yet clear weather the religion adopted by the Parthians and accepted in many parts of the world was a revival of the old Mithra worship (about 4,000 years ago) or was caused by a religious leader named Mithra.”


Badi Badiozamani Iran: Rekindling A Lost Love (96)



"The Saviour was born in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday, 24th and 25th of December, 272 BCE, and according to those who believed in Him from an Immaculate (Anahid) Virgin  (Xosidhag) somewhere not far from lake Hamin, Sistan, Lived for 64 years among men, and ascended to His Father Ahura Mazda in 208 BCE"


-Mohammad Moghdam 





 "An inscription from 200 BC dedicates a SELEUCID temple in western Iran to “Anahita, as the Immaculate Virgin Mother of the Lord Mithra”. The ANAHITA TEMPLE at Kangavar city of Kermanshah (a western province in present-day Iran)" 





A particularly interesting source Acharya found is this one:



“As Mithraism moved westward it proved a fertile ground for the addition of mystic meaning. Practically all the symbolism of Osiris was added to the Mithraic cultus even to the fact that Isis became the virgin mother of Mithras.”


Religions Of The World by Gerald L. Berry (56)


Although this is the only source we have for the claim that Isis-Meri (Mary) is the Virgin mother of Mithras and it comes from a publication from 1950 it is worth noting that according to Herodotus Apollo and Diana were the childeren of Dionysus and Isis and Apollo was syncretized with both Horus and Mithras thus meaning Horus=Apollo=Mithras.


Furthermore as primary sources found in the "Was Mithra Born of a Virgin Mother?" PDF relay Anahita was syncretized with many goddesses who were identified with Isis such as Aphrodite/Venus (Hathor) Athena/Minerva (Neith) and Inanna/Ishtar (Astarte) also Isis and Anahita as I have found from primary source material I have researched were both closely Identified with the planet Venus thus meaning Isis-Hathor, Aphrodite/Venus, Athena (Neith) and Ishtar are all identicle with Anahita rendering them Virgin Mothers of Mithras too and thus validating the quote by Berry 


 9 Amazing Health Benefits of Berries - Diet and Nutrition Center - Everyday  Health


Bahumuth also claims that Krishna wasn't born of a virgin: https://lost-history.com/krishna.php


Primary sources found in the following link however beg to differ: file:///home/chronos/u-1bc73d42013b37ccb358fad137bb9237b796cac9/MyFiles/Downloads/Zeitgeist%20The%20movie%20Companion%20source%20guide.pdf


Lastly Bahumuth has these things to say: One of the most predominant complaints Hoffmann has about mythicism is that while he himself is a "lapsed Catholic", today's mythicists are supposedly influenced by the "New Atheism" or "anti-theism" of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and P.Z. Myers, which is hostile to religion in general, and in the case of Sam Harris, Bill Maher, and Acharya S, Islam in particular. Richard Carrier is an anti-theist who habitually attacks religion, but as far left Progressive he does not fall into the same Islamophobic pit that Harris, Maher, and Acharya.


So in other words accusing anyone who criticises Islam as being "Islamophobic" 


Also here is a really bad study on Mithraism he cited on Shitter (Twitter) but I'm having trouble finding it.



Next the Dawk blocker!!!!


Richard Dawkins | Biography, Books, & Facts | Britannica



My cousin Tyler saw my 2 articles Zeitgeist Debunked? "Are you sure about that?" - John Cena and Article R4411 and loved them both suggesting I get an editor and send them straight to Dawkins since he is fan of his work but I am aware of Achraya planning to send sources for her work to him: https://stellarhousepublishing.com/dawkins-tweets-jesus-mythicism/




Whatever became of that? did she send her primary sources and work to him? If so did he respond? How did he react?






Lastly another "Demon" to exorcise this time by the name of  Glenn Andrews what would be your response to him?





The “virgin birth” of Buddha


Did the story of the virgin birth of Jesus have its origin in older religious beliefs, like Buddhism?

A while ago I started chipping away at a blog entry on the claim that the virgin birth of Jesus is just a copy cat tale used by the early Christian church, borrowing this fictional element of the life of Christ from countless other myths. The view, although not well attested in scholarly literature, gained some popularity with online sceptics with the release of the sensationalist but error-ridden documentary Zeitgeist. You will not find this claim in serious scholarly critiques of religious belief, but the sad fact is, sceptics with an online platform and lots of anger to spend  often gain influence among a credulous audience that simply doesn’t know any better. I’ve decided not to put it all into one blog entry. Every now and then I’ll blog on one of the figures that the virgin birth Jesus was supposedly copied from.

(For that reason, please do not waste your time replying by saying “sure, THAT connection might not be correct, but what about this OTHER myth that Jesus was copied from?” Like I said, I’ll do them one at a time.)


Candidate #1: Gotama (Gautama) Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama was his name. His mother was Queen Maha Maya, and his father was, surprise surprise, Queen Maha Maya’s husband, King Suddhodana. Here’s a link to a forum where a confused person had heard that Buddha was said to be born of a virgin, so wanted to ask some people who might know.

No evidence was provided. The closest that anyone got was saying: “Yes, there are myths of a virgin birth.” Where are these myths and how old are they? We’ll have to hunt for ourselves, it seems. In the Wikipedia page on Maya (mother of Buddha), here’s what we find:

Some interpretations of the life story of the Buddha attribute his birth to a virgin birth. This is likely due to a specific interpretation of the prophetic dream Queen Maya is said to have had prior to conception and is not a widely held view amongst Buddhists.

This refers to a dream that Queen Maya had after trying for many years to have a baby with her husband. In the dream, an elephant passed into the side of her body, and then shortly after, she was pregnant with Siddhartha Gautama.

If the writer or writers of the life of Buddha had really wanted to say that he was born of a virgin, it would not have been difficult. The reality is, they wrote that he was born to a woman who had been married for twenty years, without so much as a hint that she and her husband were abstaining from sex.

Head over to the sacred texts website and read about the birth of Gautama Buddha. Do you see any reference to a virgin birth?

If there is any parallel between the birth of Gautama and anything in the Bible, the closest thing would probably be the story of Abraham and Sarah and their son Isaac, which is not a virgin birth story at all. Abraham and Sarah, like Maya and Suddhodana, had been trying for years to have a child, and then due to a miracle, they succeed. We can’t use this example as a transference from Buddhism to Judaism or Christianity, however, simply because of the great age of the account of Abraham and Sarah. It is older than the story of Buddha, and geographically very far removed.

As an intellectually honest sceptic, the next time you see the claim repeated that the virgin birth of Jesus is a fictional element borrowed from mythological stories including the birth of Gautama, please stop the claimant in his/her tracks and ask for documentation of the claim about Buddha. If the source is a book or website that makes the claim, then follow up with the question, “and what is their evidence?”

One by one let’s wipe this meme out.

(If you found this blog post interesting, you will probably enjoy this podcast episode on the supposed connection between Jesus and Osiris.)

Glenn Peoples




also to these comments found on the same article?



I discovered this site by accident. However this gives me the opportunity to research in to some “facts” that I read in, of all things, Western Classical Culture. Came across this Greek Script that went on to explain Buddha’s Birth to a virgin. The story goes to suggest that King Suddhodana was impotent and worried about the inability to bear a son to take over the throne. Queen Maha Maya was frustrated and suddenly announced that she has conceived a son, fathered by her husband. Buddhist history records this announcement as the Queen described the conception as a white baby elephant entered her body. She may have said exactly that but it was in fact a “decent” way of explaining the entry of the husbands semen in to her body. The king apparently had a large ejaculation after a long period of drought. That she was virgin was suggested because of the King’s impotence. There was a hint to suggest that the father was some one else. It was popular knowledge that the queen has been away visiting her relatives with her maids for sometime before she was conceived.
I wanted to bring up these findings in this forum because so far no one else has brought up these facts. I read this 45 years ago in some rare books with limited access to ordinary folks. It was taboo to discuss this in Buddhist circles. Attempts to discus this with even the highest of Buddhist scholars was quickly terminated, often ridiculing the story and even dismissing it as Blasphemy. Such is the strength of 2500 years systematic brain washing that keeps the truth hidden for ever!
Any Comments?




Thanks for the blog on this topic. I just ran into this same argument with someone about the virgin birth being borrowed from Buddhism and was looking for some information about it. It looks like no one has refuted your article to date





    You are barking up the wrong tree. Early Buddhist texts in India were written on palm leaves; none survive. But stone carvings on Stupas that date to 50bc show the story of the immaculate conception and birth from the side. The stone panel shows an elephant god as father and Buddha being born from the side.


  2. GLENN

    Foster, just curious, did ancient carvings of women have labels like “virgin” and “not virgin”?






    *Sigh more Blasphemy against our Creed of Osiris/Horus Krst I know...🤬



    Also the heathen Glenn Andrews has more articles and a podcast Full Of SHEEEEETTTT!!!!💩


    Merry Mithras!


    Have Yourself a Very Pagan Christmas! (not)





    One more thing before I go I saw some comments on Godless Engineers Youtube Channel and made a response:



    Irish Stew
    the resurrection is a fallacy that stems from a misinterpretation of an astronomical fact that has existed longer than the fairytales written in the bible.when the earth reaches the apex of its orbit on the winter solstice, the sun appears to remain in the same place for 3 days until the earth starts coming round the other side of its orbit and the sun appears to rise in a different part of the sky. 'for 3 days he rested and the son was risen again' - substitute 'son' for the correct word 'sun'. as there was no real printed text in those days and somebody mistook the 'son' for the 'sun', this is how the myth of jesus rising from the dead was started.
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    Michael Flores
    This is one of the few atheist arguments, that I, as an atheist, firmly oppose anyone using. I've read D.m. Murdocks' book "Christ in Egypt". It's in the same section as the "Bigfoot and ufos' book sin the bookstore for good reasons.
    clayton veno
    @Michael Flores Quite frankly I dont care about your opinion of Murdock's work nor if an "Obstinant Heathen" or "Pagan" against the faith such as yourself opposes it I've read Christ In Egypt and it is an amazing book and last I checked the section a book is found in has no bearing on its validity. In fact I think Acharya did this on purpouse although I can't remember why.
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