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Atheist Experience 24.43 2020-10-25 with Matt Dillahunty & Johnny P. Angel

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Hello all you atheists (and theists) out there! The hosts of Atheist Experience today are our very own Matt Dillahunty and Johnny Angel. Not only is Johnny a co-host but he co-produces the Non-Prophets reboot! Nice hats Johnny, very clever.
Our first caller, Heath in TX asks how you can tell if a claim is extraordinary or not? Does it comport to our human experiences? All claims warrant as much evidence as is needed to believe that claim. You need different levels of evidence for the sky is blue versus there is a god.
Adam in Romania asks advice on how to deal with an irrational fear of death and dealing with grief? These fears hit Adam mainly right before he goes to sleep. Johnny has had these kinds of episodes and gives his advice. Contact the secular therapy project and see if they have resources in Romania. They talked about what an atheist funeral should look like.
Meerkat in UT asks why he should bother convincing an atheist that god exists if that atheist doesn't want to convert to Christianity. The answer to your question in your Bible, according to your own beliefs. Do you know what an atheist wants to believe?
Ray in Colorado argues that GDP is higher in Christian nations than others. It is higher than all other nations, so what? The USA is a secular, not Christian, nation with a secular constitution. Ray disagrees but fails to make a valid point that the USA is Christian. Out of the 10 commandments, only 2 are part of any laws here.
Catholic Traditionalist claims he can prove God by asking a few questions. Matt tries to answer his questions but the caller only wants to troll on behalf of a previous caller. Be an honest interlocutor if you call back.
Joe in MO claims 2 of the first 5 claims in the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible are disproven by reading the Bible. Matt addressed this in a recent video he posted and we don’t accept the claims in the Bible. Joe fails to show how he knows his Bible code or interpretation is correct. Cool story bro.
Last caller, David in Canada asks why we do not feel the call to Jesus Christ. Matt thought he did feel a calling toward Jesus, he was going to be a pastor after all. David talks about God healing his cancer but fails to prove how it could be god. Why can’t a god just heal you of cancer without making you go through treatments and surgeries?
Thanks for tuning in, we are so glad you joined us today. Keep wearing your masks and please go vote!

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