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The Germanic barbarian's life so far

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I have to admit, sometimes I think its a bit weird when I see really old threads brought back up, but this one is fantastic. What a great read: interesting, encouraging, and inspirational.


I really like the fact that you followed your heart. I guess that sounds kinda lame, but it really is the truth about the search that any of us go through here... you have found what you and your heart were looking for. That is fantastic!


So my side thought/topic on all of this... How interesting and diverse would our world be if we were all encouraged to forge out our own path and really find a spiritual connection like you have found... Granted, you'd still have the crazy fundies, but maybe if the world was more spiritually diverse, there wouldn't be so much hate and violence... Who knows...


Thanks again for your post, I'm very glad it has bubbled back to the surface!

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