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Present day Christian Miracles, where do they come from?

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The thing for me is that I'm open to miracles and miraculous events - seems like a probability type thing honestly, and perspective too. Someone else's miracle is my lucky break, etc. The thing that gets me with this is non-Christian miracles. Stories of people giving up drugs w/o religion, stories of people being healed in Hinduism, or having visions of the Gods, etc. Something else that gets me is previous "miracles" that didn't turn out, i.e. the shroud of Turin. That was a huge let down. Also all the hype about Bible codes, prosperity gospel (we see the successes, but how many failures are there?), finding the ark, etc. it's all depressing. The thing that actually gives me hope is stuff like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6EPuUdIC1E). The effect of the mind on the body, and mindset is truly remarkable, and I'm very open to the impact of how mental states can affect health/wellness outcomes that can lead to "prosperity." It's kind of a mental ladder I have:


  • Event: my door handle suddenly snaps down and then up again after I close the bathroom door
  • Immediate response: ghosts!
  • Secondary response: take a breath
  • Tertiary response: naturalistic assumption - it must've been something physically acting on the door
  • Reaction: check the door
  • Result: find the towel that fell off the towel holder onto the door handle and caused it to flip suddenly
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