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Take care: vaccines are the mark of the beast...

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9 hours ago, Krowb said:

666 is a very popular number in China with lots of phone numbers on advertisements having a 666 or 888 in them.  The number they avoid is 4 - even to the extent hotels and hospitals excluding that floor number (In Mandarin 4's pronunciation is a close homophone to "death").


Interesting. I hadn't heard that before, but I guess it's no different from buildings in the US that skip the 13th floor.

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Seems everything in the Bible is the literal truth handed to us from the mouth of God, unless it's merely symbolic.   Only the true elect among God's people have the ability to discern the d

I have already received the Mark of the Breast.    

If Christians wish to embrace this new delusion, they better be consistent.  Vaccines are usually injected into the upper arm of a person.  Since vaccines are literal, and they are being called the "M

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