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We've all had dreams and understand how crazy they can be.  Science doesn't really understand what they are or why dream occur, there are a few theories but its a subject that is hard to know anything about for sure.  I've heard of people having religious dreams and upon waking, making lifestyle changes based on it.  There are people who claim to be "dream experts" who will help interpret your dreams, and people who claim supernatural effects or causes of dreams.

Personally I've had plenty of crazy dreams, but never any religious or supernatural feeling.  Has anyone on here experienced amazing dreams that felt real to you?


My favourite dream had me driving an old beaten up Honda Civic and was pulled over by the Special Police.  They were investigating claims of Wookie smuggling and searched my car for any signs.  They became very suspicious when they found a jar of guacamole in the back, because as everyone knows guacamole is a Wookie's favourite food.  Thankfully I was able to point to the expiry date and show the jar was 2 years past its best by and they let me off.  It was not clear why I had 2 year old guac in my car and while my mother drove a Honda Civic at the time, I've never owned or even driven one.

In my 20's I had such crazy dreams on a regular basis and I started writing a dream journal, capturing over 30 of them before they began getting infrequent.  Now days I have a dream I remember only once or twice a year.  No idea what in particular inspired that period of vivid dreaming, there was nothing that stands out as a likely cause.


If you are a vivid dreamer (or at least someone who remembers your dreams) have you found they have changed during your atheist journey?  Did you have religious dreams?

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Dreams are very interesting.   It is strange that growing up in religion I don't recall ever having religious dreams.  I have studied dream interpretation and dabbled in it, but like you said, it is hard to pin down.  They often are very symbolic and sometimes the symbols are not obvious.  A guy I knew was contemplating having an affair and he dreamed he was watching some cars driving down a highway in a very wreckless manner.  He woke himself up hollering, "somebody's gonna get hurt!"   When I asked him if anyone he knew might get hurt in some way, he paused, grinned, and said, "yes, my wife and our marriage."  He decided to pull back from flirting with a coworker. 


Sometimes dreams are just like garbage floating around.   They mean nothing, and seem to occur when life is rocking along in boring fashion.  Sometimes they are wish or fantasy fulfillment.  Years ago I had fairly frequent dreams of exciting sexual fantasy, but dang it, Every time we were about to have sex, I would wake up, very disappointed.  Today they are mostly G rated.


If there are reoccurring dreams, there may be some significance.   I think I mentioned this before, but as a teenager afraid of hell, I never dreamed of hell or demons, but had reoccurring dreams of bad guys chasing me.  And dreams of falling from high elevations, but would wake up before hitting bottom, and the guys chasing me never caught me.


I have heard that dreams of flying or levitating usually happen when you are feeling secure and successful.  I only remember 2 or 3 of those in my lifetime.  


We're you doing, or thinking of doing something sneaky or illegal when you had the dream of driving the old Honda?  And what could the old Honda symbolize?  Your old religious beliefs?   And what is the symbolism of getting away with something that someone thought was illegal, but you didn't. 


Strange, but I don't remember any significant dreams during deconverting.   But it was spread out over a long period of time, and by then I had come to believe in grace and had no fears of hell.  But there was a period of serious depression.


Ha! Again, I didn't mean to write that much, but the memories started flowing.

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On second thought, since you were driving the old Honda, it may not have symbolized the old religion??  Who knows?


Also, the more I think about it, nowdays very few of my dreams seem all that real.  It's as if something in the background is seeping through and saying this is not real.  And HA!  I just remembered that I conditioned myself that way decades ago when having bad dreams.  You can do that by telling yourself every night before going to sleep what you would like to accomplish in your dreams.  Repeat it for several nights in a row if necessary.  Write it on a piece of paper and read it out loud.  And we all have likely had a problem solved during sleep, or thought of something we had forgotten, or needed to do.  The brain is an amazing thing. 

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