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The Atheist Experience 25.08 02-21-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and ObjectivelyDan


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Welcome back to The Atheist Experience. Today, we have Truth Wanted’s ObjectivelyDan joining Matt Dillahunty to tackle your calls!
Up first, Travis in PA recounts a story of a paranormal experience of something flying around in his room. He now feels people can be justified in concluding the supernatural. Why couldn’t it just be a bat flying around? Right now, the best you can say is that you don’t know what it was.
Alex in MO asks why Matt holds the “hard atheist” position, meaning believing there are no gods.. The world doesn't look like the world created by a god. As far as we can tell, people made up every god and only evidence will change our mind. If a god is “hiding” from view, from our perspective it's indistinguishable from a non-existent god.
Heath in SC thinks there is good evidence for god, but not scientific evidence as he is supernatural. Since there is no way to prove the supernatural, how is there good evidence for a god? Faith and reason are not the same thing, faith is the excuse when you don’t have a good reason. Your misunderstanding of the infinite monkey theorem is not a good reason to believe in any god.
Robin in DC claims that you won't have grounds to make any predications without being able to identify what is ultimate. We don't work in ultimates here. Robin claims god is the personal creator of all temporal states of affairs. How do you know that is the property of any god? You can’t prove direct revelation is from a god, tell god to speak to everyone…
Adam in IL asks if there are logical reasons to be an atheist. No one has proved a god, so the default position is disbelief. There is no evidence the bible is the word of god. Hoo boy, the ol’ “building needs a builder so creation needs a creator” argument… Now onto “something from nothing” retort, you don’t understand big bang cosmology.
Harmon in MI claims the concept of the third eye came from DMT released from the pineal gland and the pineal gland has been known since ancient times. Ancient people weren’t idiots, however the age of belief lends no credence to the belief itself. DMT is a natural process in our bodies, the body is a complex organism and we don’t fully understand every process.
Olivia in TX asks why so many eye witnesses died for their religion if their religion is a lie. How do you know if there were any eye witnesses? What we have are stories designed to make you ask that question. The real question is DID it happen?
Lastly, Russ in MO claims theists and atheists have misconceptions, claiming everything in the universe is in a perfect order. We didn't believe that before or after a god belief. Good luck telling us that we believe what we don't believe. I guess you have misconceptions about how to remain a guest on our show...
That’s our show, thanks for tuning in!

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