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The Atheist Experience 25.09 02-28-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Shannon Q

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Welcome back to The Atheist Experience. Today, we have Matt Dillahunty and ShannonQ teaming to answer your questions!
Up first, Michelle in UT claims she saw god in creation even before she started reading the bible. We have evidence to explain how houses were created, we have no other universes for comparison. Appealing to creation as common sense is a fallacy called argument from incredulity. Have you heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect by chance?
Alejandro in CA claims “I don’t know” or “I don't believe” does not correspond to reality.
Asaf in Israel argues we perceive many things but actually there is only 1 thing in existence. Please define what the “one thing” that exists? Bad arguments for theism...
Xeno in NC claims that there is scientific evidence for god. “Could be something” is not a definition of god. NEXT!
Seth in OR claims religions all came from the same place, the first civilization, Atlantis. What evidence is there for Atlantis. Call Truth Wanted if you want to argue Atlantis.
Charles in The UK claims there could be a god because of mass extinctions but doesn’t want to define god.
Mike in Canada claims he believes in a creator, not a god. You have to prove that everything needs a creator. You don’t get to assert time and space were created by a creator, demonstrate it. You do not have a valid or sound argument.
Khaled in Egypt argues that god is necessary based on the contingency argument. Sounds a little Canadian and/or Catholic.
Ricky in UT argues the book of mormon is spot on and Jesus visited the Americas. Native Americans thought white people were gods...is this an argument that Jesus is white? Because the Book of Mormon says something is not a valid argument.
Asaf in Israel calls back to tell us “me” is the one thing that exists and tries to argue that everything is everything. Why did you call back to tell us that??
Tristan in TX claims there is an intrinsic morality. Morality is not an emergent property, it’s all about actions and consequences. Is there intrinsic moral value for a can of soda? Please explain why you think there is an intrinsic good in the universe.
Kyle in CA argues theism has better explanatory power than naturalism, saying there is something that necessarily exists. We reject the premise that perfection is necessary at all. The fact that naturalism may not offer an explanation does not give any credit to the supernatural.
Lastly, David in TX says his church therapist tells him that he won’t have any peace or joy without god. Using a moment of weakness to proselytize religion is disgusting. Lots of red flags here, you need to find a new therapist. Check to see if he is registered with the state.
What a wild show this week! Thanks for tuning in, see ya next week.

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