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Happy "Welcome Back to Reality" Day!


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Here it is: March 5th, and I see nothing in the news this morning about any president being arrested or any former president being sworn in yesterday.


Insanity: believing Qanon over and over and expecting different results.

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You'd be amazed how far people will go to to hold onto wild prophecies despite counter-evidence! It reminds me of those doomsday churches that make it on the news now and then... where the paster predicts a specific date for the apocalypse or rapture, and demands his congregation donate all or most of their net worth to the church. When the date passes the pastor just declared another date... and rinse and repeat. They just keep going at it and people let them...


There's also a sunk-cost fallacy going on with a lot of followers of these types of things - where admitting the truth is too embarrassing or devastating so they double down believing in the falsehoods.

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