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The failure of salvation

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Going to Hell is easy, just be born and God, in his love, wisdom and mercy, will give you a front row forever ticket. You don't even have to earn it, it is, (to borrow a phrase) an automatic enrollment.
Heaven on the other hand....
Narrow is the gate and few shall find it, Jesus talks in parables so that many will hear and not understand. Add to that different Bibles, different denominations, etc and you are well and truly screwed. And let us not us forget that the Bible says you have to be PERFECT in god's eyes.
If the Bible is true and 99.99999 % of folks are going "downstairs"....................
It seems to me to be a waste to beg and plead and sob to an invisible being for mercy, when he will not grant it.
If the Bible is false and 100 percent of folks just die and go nowhere.
It seems to me to be a waste to beg and plead and sob.
Salvation fails either way 
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