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Possibly something new at the LHC

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7 hours ago, WalterP said:


This has interest of course, but I'm no fonder of the standard model of mainstream particle physics than I am of mainstream cosmology. For theory to call such a particle a leptoquark that lasts just  a quintillioth of a second, a thousand-billion-billions of a second, stretches the imagination IMO. Yes, they say it would violate the standard model of particle physics, but what value is any theory if much of it is wrong? They gave the Nobel Prize for the Higgs boson whose entire life lasted just 15.6 thousand-billion-billions (1.56x10^-22) of a second, because such a permanent particle was predicted by theory -- but the one they found lasted only quintilionths of a second -- maybe it helped justify the costs of the Large Hadron Collider? But I'm not impressed.



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Something also new at the Firmi National Accelerator lab, "A tiny, wobbling muon just shook particle physics to its core"


"Evidence taken from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago appears to point to a miniscule subatomic particle known as the muon wobbling far more than theory predicts it should. The best explanation, according to physicists, is that the muon is being pushed about by types of matter and energy completely unknown to physics.

If the results are true, the discovery represents a breakthrough in particle physics of a kind that hasn't been seen for 50 years, when the dominant theory to explain subatomic particles was first developed. The tiny wobble of a muon — called the magnetic moment — could shake the very foundations of science."


Pretty strong wordings. :)  Somebody seems happy and amazed 🥳




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