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A tidy up, on the subject of Eternity

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Most of us assume human life has existed for millions if not billions of years, and that it will probably continue to exist for many millions, if not billions, more. In the face of that, our tiny lives become so overwhelmingly insignificant that we succumb to a life of unthinking conformity along with all of the other billions of meaningless ants that populate this planet.

But when we do this, we are confusing time with eternity. Evolutionary teaching has created this unreal picture of human life. All the unsubstantiated talk about billions of years gives the impression that not only the planet itself is eternal, but so is human existence. Even the most ardent evolutionist cannot, however, dispute the fact that recorded human history extends back barely six thousand years from today.

Evolution science has been backed up time and time again by real scientists doing real science, some of whom are Christians. Calling it an unreal picture is laughable. same as the age of the Earth and the age of the universe. Billions of years. There is plenty of scientific evidence, again, researched and accepted by real scientists, some of whom are Christians. The fact that record human history extends back barely six thousand years has no bearing on the "truth" of the Bible.

Think about what that means:

It means that the very first human beings to leave historic record of their existence lived only six thousand years ago. Just six thousand years ago. Think about that.

If you live to be even sixty years old, you will have experienced one percent of the entire recorded history of the human race, from Adam and Eve, or whoever you like to think our first parents were, to the present.

Our generation is one of less than 200 that have ever lived here on earth. What we say and do is an important part of human history.

But far more significant than that, because the earth's population has been increasing exponentially all this time, the present generation - that is the present population of the earth - represents something like one quarter of all the people who have ever lived on earth.

What we say and do in terms of changing the direction of history is not insignificant.

Whatever the reason for human existence, one quarter of us are right here now to hear the answer if anyone has it, and if anyone has what it takes to communicate that answer to the rest of us.

Meaningless waffle, population grows, history is real, means nothing in the context of Jesus being His own Dad. 


The Bible says that, with God, there is very little difference between a day and a thousand years. That is because God lives in eternity... the place where billions of years have meaning and are very real. But we humans live in time and space, where a few thousand years can tell the whole story.

The Bible says a lot of things, shove her off (The Simpsons). The Bible is filled with so much garbage of which believers never read, never know or dare not preach or repeat. 


Human existence on earth is not eternal. In the face of eternity, it is only just getting started.

And it may be almost finished before it barely got started. In fact, what we are experiencing right now may be nothing more than a flash in the pan, a tiny little experiment in the light of eternity, to see how we human beings will handle freedom and the responsibility that goes with it.

Somewhere outside of this dimension that we call time, there is an eternal purpose, an eternal plan; and our whole purpose for being on earth is to see if we will look for and follow that plan.

Sheer assertions, backed up with no evidence. 


If you find a bulldozer sitting in your front lawn when you wake up in the morning, you will just naturally look for an explanation for its existence. You won't try to pretend that it is not there. And having found ourselves on this planet, we too should be looking for an explanation.

Science is looking for those explanations, a pro rape, pro slavery with talking animals book will never offer those answers. 

The explanation is there in Jesus Christ and all that he taught. God put us here to love one another and to see if we would give up all that we have for his promise of eternal life. It is only our stubborn rebellion against God that makes us refuse the teachings of Jesus, and invent religious rituals and philosophies instead.

The clue of the website here is in the name, ex Christian, meaning that we , once like you , believed in the gobbly-gook you are selling, been there, done that, some of us, including me, tried to sell it to others. God put us here to love one another AND to see if we would give up all that we have (including our own families). Seems like you are painting yourself into a corner here, old chap. 

But we don't even have to wait another thousand years to discover the stupidity of that approach. In another fifty or a hundred years we will all be dead. Every last one of us. And we'll be standing before the Creator of all that we call life, trying to tell him why we refused to fall on our knees before his Son, and accept the message of faith and love that he came to bring to the human race. Are you ready for such an encounter?

Again, mere assertion. We will stand in front of our Creator because a magic book says so. Again, been there, done that. Nice use of the passive aggressive threat though.  


Why not accept what Jesus said today instead!

Many of us did, for years. Jesus promised He would answer prayers. He does not. Jesus Promised to be right back. He was not. Jesus Promised that you could drink poison , be bitten by snakes without harm and that we could literally lift up mountains. We can not. I work in a hospital, the amount of patients I have seen raised from the dead or cured from cancer via prayer or the anointing of oils , is zero. Been zero for years, will be zero for years to come. 
You are in a cult and like all cult victims, you cannot, or will not see it. 

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