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076 April: Bible Belt Raised & Homeschooled. An Abusive Relationship Ends, Questions Begin. Astronomy Class Brings Epiphany.

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April grew up under a lot of parental pressure and expectations. Purity culture had a strong influence on her. 

*Trigger Warning*: We discuss an abusive relationship, mental health & suicide in the episode.

When an abusive relationship ends, April begins to question how this is handled within a Christian context. April poses the questions: What happens when your autonomy is taken from you?  She says, "This happens to a lot of people, what do we do then"?

Eventually April takes an Astronomy class in college and has an epiphany.  April shares about her mental health and how suicidal thoughts were intrusive from childhood. 

April feels like she's in a much better place mentally now that she's created distance between herself and people/places that were not healthy for her.

It's a wonderful conversation.

If you'd like to get in touch with April:  fryb4by@gmail.com

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