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We have 4 active mods... no 5. TRP, Josh, Florduh, TABA and meself. Sorry if I missed an active mod. Not counting Dave because he's not a mod.


It's probably that mods tend by nature to be more active than others members but nature of being a mod? Who knows.

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And Hierophant.  I think the original plan was to have a couple of mods in charge of each forum and then a couple of super mods with more responsibilities.  There even used to be a tag at the bottom of each forum that said which mods were in charge of it.  But, you know, the best laid plans of mods and men...

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10 hours ago, SerenelyBlue said:

This site seems to have more moderators than ordinary members.  Can I be a moderator too?


The "traffic" of those newly deconverting has really diminished in the last year or so.  

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