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I think most people here come from a Bible believing church background. A church that goes to some lengths to "prove" that Biblical accounts are accurate history, all events actually happened. I suspect people in Christian churches who see the Bible as most others see their own holy texts - as mythology, allegory, a vehicle to provide some guidance in a confusing world having few answers to the Big Questions - do not end up here.


But what about the camels? (and other fantasies)


https://time.com/6662/the-mystery-of-the-bibles-phantom-camels/#:~:text=Last week%2C archaeologists Erez Ben,based on radioactive-carbon techniques.


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I think for me the big "wait a second..." moment was when a lay preacher said that the Bible proved evolution was false and said it had to be false or the Bible wasn't reliable. The stuff he said wasn't very convincing - I'd have to believe almost in a soft form of theistic solipsism or the truman show for it to be real, and that seemed odd. The next thing was that God wanted everyone to have a "rich and full life" and that it meant finding work, finding healing, etc. The people who found it stayed at the church, but oddly enough more people would trail out after going through the "church groups" for a few weeks. Then the gossiping and rumors, and the preaching perfect morality for members, etc. The part that gets me is that I love the book of Ecclesiastes - but all the commentaries on it tried to shove it away or reconstruct it to focus on how it points of the New Testament. When I'd read an archaeologist's take on it, or a religious scholar's take on it, it would conflict with the commentary... I also learned about the Ebionites, which really really really made me think about my views. In that sense, it was helpful to learn of multiple interpretations from Ehrman and Eisenman. It boils down to - it has to be perfect, or it has to not be. Tillich in that vein, helped make it real - and then Peter Rollins helped a good bit after...

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