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After being raised in a conservative Christian home, and after over 30 years of study and contemplation of the Bible, how we came to have it, Christianity, and then the history of gods and religions, I decided ALL religions with supernatural deities are human myths.  They are attempts at explaining the unknown, and a way people through the ages have attempted to control the masses of uneducated and unaware people.  I did come to appreciate Buddahism which is more of a philosophy than a religion.


Beware of anyone who warns against looking beyond their version of "TRUTH".  The more you know about any and all subjects, the better equipped you are for successful living.  BEST WISHES!

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I agree with everything you have said above Weez. I look at all religions of the world like most people look at Greek mythology: simple-mined stories to laugh at. In Christianity, the old testament has Adam and Eve, and the story of the flood, and the New Testament has Revelations, and Jesus and the Demon Pigs. Although there are a large number of other ridiculous stories in the Bible, these four are no better than children's stories IMO.  A few worldly religions propose a respectable  philosophy of life, and a few others propose healthy practices like meditation and yoga, for instance.  Of course many religions also have proposed ideas and actions which help some people, but at other times can seriously hurt and kill others, like the holy wars -- and laughable practices like self flagellation.


Putting the good and bad of all religions of the world together in just one nutshell, and clean up the shell's surface, then one ends up with a clean nutshell tightly packed with potentially infectious BS, but when sterilized, great material for children's stories and comic books.

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