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Welcome to the Opine Club.  Often, deconverted ex-christians find that their self-defined values and standards differ, and even conflict, with those to which they were expected to conform in their church/home/community.  Others find that their values and standards hardly change at all.  This extends, obviously, to ideas about political and social issues.  As ex-christians, we come from a variety of political, social, and economic backgrounds; united by our past experiences in organized religion.  While the experience, strength and hope we have gained through our past makes us a community, we will not, and need not, always agree on what our larger society should look like in the future, or even in the present.


This club is intended to provide a safe space for the expression and exploration of political and social ideas and opinions in the broader context of ex-christianity.  Although we each may express views that differ, this is not a debate club; it is not a haven for trolls, bullies, or know-it-alls.  Remember, opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one and they’re all full of shit.  The difference is that opinions are welcome here; assholes are not.  This club is an opportunity for each member to learn and grow from hearing and sharing in the views and opinions of others. 


As a member of this club, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a cordial and respectful manner.  Please read over the club rules carefully as they will be enforced.  My role, as club leader, will be to keep things civil.  I will not engage directly in the conversation, as my political views are best expressed in the voting booth.  I’d prefer the members of the club police themselves rather than having to step in myself; but I will do so if, and when, it becomes necessary.


With all of that said, this is your club.  Make it what you want.  Learn something new.  Discover a new perspective.  Buy jock-itch cream.  Inspire each other to greatness.  Embrace the differences and celebrate the similarities.  Because we’re all just assholes with an opinion.


Enjoy the journey,


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