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The book of Ruth foreshadows Jesus

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I've been forced to go back to Church and I'm not enjoying it. The preacher is annoying, the music is too loud, and it's uncomfortably warm inside. Okay, done complaining about that. One of the lessons were about marriage, how gOd will let you know when to get married, or he'll guide you to your soulmate. (Even though anything is capable of that without God.) And how Ruth met Boaz and fell in love, and how that symbolizes Jesus's sacrifice. 


I've heard Christians say that the OT kind of predicts Jesus's return, and my friend and I had a discussion about it. To which she claims, the serpent was Satan being destroyed and Jesus also dying from stepping on Satan. (However I don't think Jesus even intends to destroy Satan, or evil. According to the bible Jesus is not a uniter, he's a divider.) 


Ruth was a poor, sad, widow. (I forgot what nationality she was, but the annoying preacher said that Ruth and her people were cursed because they kept harming the Israelites. AKA God's beloved people, so instead of genocide he bestowed a curse upon them.) Until she met, some lady whose name started with an N and meant peace, before changing it to a name that meant bitter. (I also apologize for the fact that I can hardly remember anything) 


She took Ruth somewhere or whatever and I don't know 10 seconds later, Ruth met Boaz. Who was a relative. (Not really, the annoying pastor says the relative thing meant a man who could redeem someone (Something like that)) Anyways Ruth laid by Boaz's nasty feet and begged for him to marry her and he agreed and then he redeemed her. And uh, they had children or something who was Obed (I believe) Who was an ancestor of David, and then that blood line continued to Jesus. 


((The annoying pastor claims it foreshadows Jesus because he is our redeemer and he had to be put into a bloodline in order to redeem us all from sin. Which like...Okay? I guess? (Also is no one going to question why characters in the bible keep changing their names?) I can't tell if it's a reach or not. Opinions? I don't read the bible like that, and I don't really plan on learning the whole history about the bible.))





Now technically Jesus wasn't really born from any bloodline, my mother believes that the Adam and Eve story symbolizes Adam, Eve, and the Serpent all doing the devils tango and now everyone is marked with the beast. (Which the annoying pastor said we were all cursed and we had to be redeemed. (Kind of not fair, not going to lie. What's the point of living if you're already dead?))


Would Jesus be marked by the beast as well since he was born from a human womb, or like did God just protect him? And also if people were cursed before Jesus and couldn't be saved then how did people like Noah or Moses get into heaven? God just like obviously let them in, freebie. And everyone except Jesus of course is imperfection, and a bunch of sinners so it's not like they were extraordinarily perfect beings. And technically animal sacrifice could probably still work. People have their own different interpretations about how God's forgiveness works so that's  just my opinion on it. I know I went off on a tangent there.


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     Everything foreshadowed jesus.  The only reason anything existed, ever, was to foreshadow jesus.  Hell, the story of jesus is to foreshadow jesus (as in the return of jesus).  Give this post to an apologist and you'll discover it foreshadows jesus.




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On 6/1/2021 at 11:30 AM, midniterider said:

Volunteer to help in the nursery, young kid area. Then play games for an hour and skip the sermon BS. 


I like your avatar! What is that?

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"Feet" was often used in the Old Testament as a euphemism for male genitals.  Ruth didn't just quietly crawl under the blanket at the foot of the bed.



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6 hours ago, SemmelweisReflex said:


I like your avatar! What is that?


It's a celtic knot symbol. Though I dont know where I grabbed it from now. 

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If you start from the conclusion and accept anything that gets you there, no matter how twisted, your mother's third birthday foreshadows Joe Biden' 10th executive order. :)

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