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The Atheist Experience 25.36 09-05-2021 with Shannon Q and Jenna Belk


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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Shannon Q is joined by Jenna Belk!

Our first caller is Narder from Australia who claims that there is physical evidence for God. Unfortunately, we are not presented with the physical evidence we were promised, but a philosophical argument.

Next is Nigel from New Zealand who is wondering if our hosts do not accept Christianity because of a lack of evidence or because of the inconsistencies within the religious doctrine. The answer obviously varies from atheist to atheist, but depending on someone’s background, it may end up being a combination of each.

Up next is Joe from Canada who wants to know how our hosts dealt with the fear of leaving religion after years of being indoctrinated to fear hell.

Next is Ryan from NY who presents a list of reasons why they aren’t an atheist. Presenting incohesive ideas in this format isn’t a conversation, especially when they don’t go anywhere.

Next is Phillip from OH wants to correct Shannon on a previous terminology mistake.
Thank you so much for calling Phillip!

Our final caller is Clarence from OH has an issue with the term atheist because it’s a label that defines what they are not.

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