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Proof that Allah Created and Fine-Tuned the Universe ;)


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It's ok, don't panic. 


This thread isn't about proving anything. 


Instead its just something for us to use against Christians who claim that their god, the god of the Bible, is the true creator and fine-tuner of the universe.  In this thread we can see that Muslims have a much better claim.  One that is supported by clear evidence, everywhere you look within the cosmos.


Here's how it works.




The crescent is usually associated with Islam and regarded as its symbol. It is also found on Islamic buildings before the rise of Ottoman Turks and can be found in Islamic countries beyond Turkish influences.


So, which symbol do we see spread far and wide, everywhere across the cosmos?  The cross of Christ?  No.  The crescent of Islam is everywhere.  For instance...


Islamic Crescent Moon



Islamic Crescent Earth



Islamic Crescent Mercury



Islamic Crescent Venus



Islamic Crescent Mars



Islamic Crescent Jupiter



Islamic Crescent Saturn



Islamic Crescent Uranus



Islamic Crescent Neptune



Islamic Crescent Pluto



It's quite obvious that Allah wishes us to see that every planet in our solar system bears the hallmark of his divine hand; that he created and fine-tuned them all and that they are his.    From these examples it logically follows that Allah has carefully designed the universe to show the symbol of his faith anywhere that a spherical planet is illuminated by its sun.  As of writing this message there are currently 4,576 confirmed planets in NASA's database.  So, that's 4,576 places we know of in outer space where the hand of Allah is clearly seen.


Islamic Crescent Exoplanets



By inference we can safely say that every planet in our galaxy and every planet in every galaxy in the universe is a signpost, all of them pointing unequivocally to Allah, via the use of his holy symbol, the crescent.


Thank you.



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