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My Pastor Sets Me Straight


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3 minutes ago, TheRedneckProfessor said:







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27 minutes ago, midniterider said:


It was a general 'spot on' declaration, there were no explicit exclusions. 



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25 minutes ago, TheRedneckProfessor said:




Hey, as long as my words are appreciated by Walter...and perhaps Jodi Foster... I'm good. :) 


My idea of a Chinese scholar translating Harry Potter maybe was a poor example since I dont know anything about Chinese culture. 


I do know that a science fiction writer started a religion in 1953 here in the USA and a scammer in the 1830s founded what today is a huge bullshit religion, so there's no tellin' what people will do, imo.

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19 hours ago, alreadyGone said:




yeah, it's pretty, but how can you get a participation trophy if you're already Gone?

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6 hours ago, alreadyGone said:

It was awarded to midniterider, not I.


I didn't even get a tee-shirt.


back again, great!




I think these look rather nice. They're called Single Post Trophies. You have been granted this beautiful picture of all of them, and possibly a Tee-shirt picture later. Disappointment be gone!




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