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Who needs the clergy?

Sexton Blake

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Do you think a priest, a monk, a bishop, an evangelist or even the pope or anyone else has got some special hotline straight to God?


No. Their prayers mean nothing more than you sitting in an armchair at home in a quiet room and praying to God by yourself.


Their great lie is that God will only listen to them and no one else because they never got married and have a nice big church that you and others have paid for.


Do you really think that God is at the beck and call of the BILLIONS who pray to him, that he is ready to solve all your problems and cure your illnesses and generally make bad stuff go away so you can live a comfortable and easy life?


Look at human history and for virtually all of it, people led absolutely crap lives, as some still do in some third world countries. Over 2,000 years ago, did God give his chosen people (the Jews), a life of ease and luxury though many saw his works first hand? He killed many of them and others he let die in large numbers in battle.


Science gave us the civilization and lives we now enjoy.


It used to be 29,000 babies and young children who suffered and died every single day but science has dropped that figure to below 20,000 babies and little children who suffer and die every single day. Don't tell me that just about all of their parents don't pray to God to save them and yet he does nothing. Not a thing. The same as he did nothing when six million of his chosen people were slaughtered in the Holocaust 80 years ago.


Christianity (as well as all other religions) is now losing adherents as people are beginning to realise that God does not answer prayers, and that there is no difference between a God who does nothing and a God that is not there.


And if God does not look after you while you are alive, why do you think he is going to look after you when you are dead?



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