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Ancestral DNA.

Sexton Blake

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It was originally called junk DNA as no one knew what it did.


But it turned out to be more important anyone could have realised because without it, you'd be pretty much a clone of your father or mother.


In the womb, you don't just get your parent's DNA but your grandparent's DNA, their parents DNA, and their parents DNA, etc go into the mix to make you.




So while there can be great similarities, there can also be great differences between you and your parents.


Now take the Adam and Eve story. They were the first so only their DNA, or if Eve came from Adam's rib, only his DNA, so their kids would have been clones, and their kids clones too, etc for so many generations.


Fortunately, none of them looked like dirt, or clones, as it was only a fairy story.


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Junk DNA refers to DNA that seems to serve no purpose such as viral and bacterial DNA in our own human DNA and other animals. In time, scientists began to realize that the way our DNA was folded determines which of our genes were turned on, and which are turned off.  This relates to the bio-science of Epigenetics. Because of the foldings of our DNA, some genes are turned off which make us human rather than something else. Without our so-called junk DNA our genes would be folded and expressed differently, consequently we need most of our junk DNA also because of its folding consequences.

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