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The problem of instruction


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Holy Koolaid just released his latest video "Why I'm not a Christian - The problem of instruction": 



I found this a great condensed, rapid fire destruction of Christianity.

The TLDR version is an all powerful, all knowing God would be able to pass its message on in the perfect manner. If He wants us to know and the answer is the most important thing ever, then He would make sure it was done in a clear, worldwide, and without error method. Yet for thousands of years we've been expected to rely on writings from thousands of years ago, written in dead languages and translated into hundreds of different versions. All of that thousands of years before the printing press was invented. 

If you compare the idea of what a perfect God could do, and what a world with no god would look like, the thousands of competing religions, hundreds of holy books, tens of thousands of denominations and no advanced knowledge (imagine telling people the plague comes from rats) makes it pretty clear which is true. 

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Oh, but the preaching of Christ is foolishness to...


I just pictured a guy I knew at a Nazarene church who would hear this, smile and confidently reaffirm his belief that the bible god being a total twat is somehow deep and mysterious, oooh glory! 


My hope is that the cult will continue to lose its grip on the world. More and more it is losing the default respect our cultures tend to give it. But it sure feels like the fringe groups are picking it up also. I know someone that follows (not necessarily believes) the fringe sci-fi belief groups, and they invariably give a nod to the Bible and prophecy, though they are fornicators, hucksters, etc. They know their audience. 


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