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Appalachian Trail Cult (Twelve Tribes)


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I hadn't heard of this group before. I think they are a 40+ year old remnant of a hippie commune of Christians. They run a restaurant and shelters along the trail, recruit from the hiker community, and used to (according to comments on the video) distribute their flyers at Grateful Dead concerts. 


This video is by a hiker who encountered them, and her experiences with them. 


link to video on YouTube

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I had read something about them several months ago.  Weird-ass people.  If I recall, one of the ex-members was a black man who had never felt so accepted in his life... until they introduced him to their Cham doctrine.  They basically told him, "You're still one of us, just not an equal one."  He chewed on that for a while and decided it was high time to skeedaddle.

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