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When christians first gained power.

Sexton Blake

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With all the talk of being moral, you would think christians would be tolerant, but we atheists know otherwise.


In 326 Emperor Constantine follows his mother's orders and destroys the temple of Asclepius in Aigeai Cilicia, as well as temples of goddess Aphrodite in Aphaca, Jerusalem, Mambre, Phoenicia, and Baalbek.


In 330 Constantine has his soldiers steal many statues from pagan temples of Greece to be taken to his beloved Constantinople. In 335 he sacks pagan shrines in Asia Minor and Palestine while ordering the crucifixion of "all magicians and soothsayers," including neoplatonist Sopatrus.


In 346 Christians perpetrate violent and bloody persecutions against all non-Christians in Constantinople. In the same year, orator Libanius (c. 314 - c. 394) is accused of being a magician, and banished.


Constantius II orders all "pagan" (that is, non-Christian) temples closed in 353-354, some being turned into brothels or gambling establishments. He outlaws all methods of divination in 357.


In Skythopolis (Syria) in 359 Christians organize death camps for the torture and execution of non-Christians from all around the Empire. Thousands of innocents are murdered.


In 363 Emperor Flavius Jovianus orders the Library of Antioch destroyed. An Imperial edict orders death to all Gentiles who worship the wrong gods or practice divination. Three edicts order the confiscation of all properties of Pagan temples, and death for participation in Pagan rituals of any sort.


Athanasius (c. 296--373), Bishop of Alexandria, assembles in 367 the first canon of twenty-seven New Testament books that would come to represent the compendium that most Christian bibles hold to this day. Modem scholars believe he included a tad too many. Among texts claimed to have been written by Paul but were probably not, we have 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus. 1 Timothy is one of the three epistles known collectively as the pastorals (1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus). They were not included in Marcion's canon of ten epistles assembled c. 140 CE. Against Wallace, there is no certain quotation of these epistles before Irenaeus c. 170 CE.

Moreover, the book of Revelation is little more than some sort of Judea-Christian nightmare, or depraved drug trip. Patmos then, as now was a small volcanic island where almost nothing grew except hardy magic mushrooms, know for their hallucinogenic properties, so got hermit John who was exiled there, it was eat them or starve. John was undoubtedly out of his head when he made up Revelation, and knowing this, some bishops did not want Revelation included in the bible, but in it went and it has been a mainstay of christianity ever since.


In 370 Emperor Valens (328-378) orders violent and expansive persecution of non-Christians in the Eastern Empire. In Antioch, Christian janissaries execute governor Fidustius and priests Hilarius and Patricius, and bum philosopher Simonides alive. Philosopher Maxirnus is decapitated, apparently for merely thinking the wrong (non-Christian) way. Emperor Valens orders the governor of Asia Minor to perpetrate genocide against all the Hellenes, and to destroy all their writings in 372


Christian leaders force the closure of the temple of Asclepius in Epidaurus, Greece, in 375. In 376 the Catholic Church seizes the Mithraeum on Vatican Hill in the name of Christ on December 25, the birthday of Mithras."' Emperor Theodosius I writes in 381 "Wills of Apostate Christians to be Set Aside" -meaning that non-Christians have no right to bequeath or inherit property." Priscillian is Bishop of Abila (modem Avila) in Spain, beheaded in 385 for being a heretic.  Christian authorities claim he practiced sorcery, and execute him along with four others.


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