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Preacher robbed of $1m. in jewelry during service


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"Brooklyn Clergyman Is Robbed While Delivering Sunday Sermon
A trio of armed individuals robbed Lamor M. Whitehead and his wife of  jewelry worth more than $1 million, police said."



Hm. Interesting. He and his wife are wearing $1,000,000 worth of jewelry during the service. Now if he's got enough money to buy that much bling, then he's certainly got much more money than that. How many hungry children could be fed for $1 million?



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Pay locked article :(

I wonder if it was actually $1m worth of jewelry, or whether that was a number pulled out of his butt in order to claim a massive insurance payout?   

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He's a prosperity gospel dude. Here are a few bits from the story:


At the same time, troubles from his past were coming to the surface, including the time he spent in prison and the lawsuits he faced in New York accusing him of walking off with large amounts of money from people he knew. Court records from New Jersey show that Bishop Whitehead owes more than $400,000 in judgments to a construction company that built his house and the credit union that financed his Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover — revelations that he has dismissed as victim-shaming, even racist.


What followed was a lengthy investigation that uncovered what the police described as a sprawling identity theft and fraud operation set up and run by one person: Mr. Whitehead, whose girlfriend had access to customers’ credit reports through her job at a Long Island car dealership.


He was convicted of 17 counts, mostly identity theft, and sentenced to 10 to 30 years in prison.


The story says he was released after 5 years for good behavior. But the story suggests he's a first-class con artist.

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