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Catholic church builds $21m church in poverty-stricken area


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Well, folks, the Church of Pedophilia (a.k.a. the Catholic Church) is opening a $21 million church in California's Central Valley, where poverty is rampant, water wells are drying up, and thousands are homeless. Here's the lede:


When the work is completed on the new $21 million St. Charles Borromeo Church in Visalia later this year, the historic building will be the largest Catholic parish church in North America seating 3,200 souls.


I'm so  glad to hear this news. I can't think of any better way to spend this money. Just because this region has cities and towns that, in one study, rank as the top three in poverty nationwide, and another ranks nine of them among the top 20, is no reason to hold back. And the fact that many of the smaller communities' wells have dried up or are so polluted that water has to be trucked in, and that the folks who live there are among the poorest of the poor, should not stop the creation of this beautiful masterpiece. I am looking forward to them opening their doors to the 160,000 homeless in the state, which is 22 percent of the nationwide homeless, so they can have a nice warm, dry, place to sleep this winter. (They wouldn't put locks on the doors, would they?) 


Here's a link: https://www.fresnobee.com/vida-en-el-valle/noticias/article264398136.html

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