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068 - The Graceful Atheist (Leaving Part 25)


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David Ames is an American secular humanist who hosts a podcast promoting the idea of 'secular grace' after deconstruction and deconversion. An Assemblies of God Bible College graduate and a former AOG youth leader, David now gives a platform to others to tell their stories of transition from a life-altering faith to doubt to deconstruction to deconversion.

David's Graceful Atheist Podcast is available here: https://pod.link/1456800368 


Transcript of the episode is here.

Podcast links: https://linktr.ee/iwatf 

Email: hhandhillsong@gmail.com 

Doubting your beliefs? Have questions about changing or leaving your faith? You are not alone and Recovering from Religion is here to help. Please visit: https://www.recoveringfromreligion.org/ 

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