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Almost 6 years


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Hello Everyone,


Well I like to give an update from time to time. 


I really don't know what all to say. This process hasn't been without heart ache. Mostly from the decline in my relationship with my now Ex Wife. That is an ongoing ordeal and is complicated. I'll just leave it at that for now. We have both had our issues but I think ultimately my deconversion is proving to be an insurmountable obstacle in the path of our relationship. For various reasons. 


On the bright side the biblical questions that plagued me for years are being answered. The more I study the true history of the Bible and the people who wrote it, the more I understand why certain things were worded and even why certain beliefs came to be. The process has made me a more accepting father to my children. And I feel that I appreciate this life a little more now that I know it is probably the only one we got.


even so, I still haven't been the best at bringing my health to where it needs to be. I was starting to do good until the divorce hit, which sent me into a depressed spiral which I am still struggling to break free from. 


This little community has been a beacon in my personal darkness at times tho. I won't mention any names but there have been members here that sent messages to check on me. And some that I regularly converse with over FB. If there is anyone here that wants to, I would encourage you to make a few close connections here like that. Sometimes this path gets rocky and it is nice to have someone like minded to talk to. 


6 years ago a switch flipped in my mind with my newfound knowledge and I found myself having to put my life back together. While it has made me grow farther from some, I've grown closer to my children and others. I'll make it through and hopefully will be able to give a better report in the future. For now I'm just going to keep trying to do what I can here on ExC to aide others that find themselves unable to believe in the foolishness that is in Christ. 


Best Regards,


Dark Bishop

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